Deploy&Manage your HPC cluster in the Cloud

CloudHPC helps you deploy secure&reliable HPC clusters without handling HPC configuration and management complexity


One Platform for HPC Management

Reduced costs, elasticity & scalability, simplification and ease of use are the main motivation behind the decision of migrating hpc infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud for  most of the clients.

Some other companies have hpc as a service  solutions but how can you be sure about security? Please think twice while sharing your  sensitive data & know-how!

Why don't you deploy your own cluster in a private and dedicated environment? CloudHPC is the solution you need.CloudHPC will facilitate deployment & management of your clusters.

CloudHPC is an on-premises HPC management software that lets you deploy HPC clusters on the most popular cloud platforms such as AWS, GCloud, Azure without handling deployment and management complexities of classical HPC clusters.

Get Started

Get Started with CloudHpc in 2 Steps
1. Prepare a Linux Host
Prepare a Linux host with at least 4GB of memory and at least 30 GB disk space. Install a supported version of Docker on the host.
2. Start the server
To install and run CloudHpc, execute the following Docker command on your host:

$ git clone https:/

$ cd cloudhpc

$ docker-compose up -d


Easy Deployment
Deploy your HPC cluster on the best cloud platforms such as AWS, GCloud, Azure without handling HPC configuration and management complexity.
Authentication & Authorization
Add users and assign user roles all on the go. Click on a user's profile to reset their password.
Cloud Storage
All files stored at cloud storage services such as S3 based on the cloud provider choosen
Application Catalog
Manage your own HPC application catalogue and install any application you need
Job Scheduling & Monitoring
Users can submit and monitor jobs
Manages cluster size dynamically, decreases costs by closing resources not in use
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